HGS ties to my own home discipline by allowing me to be humble and grateful. I learned about the Holocaust at a very young age, my parents never kept the “hidden truths” of the world from me. I learned about the Holocaust before grade school. I’m very happy I learned at an early age and I will forever be proud of it. I took this class to learn more about other genocides and details concerning the Holocaust. A stumbling block that may be difficult for others to study HGS is learning the real truth and having an open mind without getting offended. America is built from genocides across the country. Another stumbling block would be taking the information learned and being able to teach others that are ignorant in the subject. Everyone does not know the real truth of America of any country. When someone has information it’s their obligation to feed knowledge to others that are willing to learn.

HGS isn’t central to my major, it’s simply a subject of interest that I’m taking to learn more about. College courses are different from grade school so nothing is sugar coated or hidden. Taking this class gives a raw insight on what genocide and Holocaust truly is. HGS not only informs about American genocide but genocides from all over the world. To get a glimpse of holocaust and genocide a few links are listed.

This website gives background information on the holocaust and how it got its origins. This website is useful to those who are interested on how the holocaust came about.

This website gives a history of all documented international genocides in history: Armenia, Holocaust, Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia and Darfur. It’s very helpful and useful to know information as such to become more aware of the world’s history.

This website gives feedback on genocides of the 20thcentury. It provides states, information and history of deaths that were cause by the genocides.


My name is Ellen Harris, call me “E” for short. I’m 22 years old senior majoring in women’s studies. I have a very open mind and love to learn about new things!