Holocaust and Genocide Studies ties to my home discipline as well as my job interests by making me think highly of morals and to do my part to stop the spread of hate. People should know how the Nazis used hate and prejudices against anyone they didn’t agree with so that we as a society can avoid anything like that from ever happening again. Hate can be a very dangerous thing, especially when that hate goes unchecked or even encouraged. Knowing this information allows me to point out similar behaviors or ideals so I can avoid them at all cost and try to spread positive ideals and to stay with and work with people who hold these standards. If one is surrounded by people of high moral values and these people spread these high moral values, it can be a great deterrent to hateful thoughts, actions, and beliefs.

For my job interests, I feel the people I work with should also hold themselves to a high standard morally as well as mentally. These standards can include the ideals of everyone being equal no matter what race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or any other factor that can cause some people to get hateful thoughts because they don’t like that someone looks different or acts differently from them. People should try to spread a message of love and peace because we are all here together, and we all feel emotion as well as have good days and bad days. It only takes one positive gesture to spread many positive gestures and actions. With jobs, everyone should feel welcome and have equal opportunity to get a job. This can also include people of different class levels from being poor, rich, to middle class.

People should avoid at all cost of being abusive to each other or degrading. It’s simple things that they taught us when we were little but still ring true, if you wouldn’t want someone to do something to you, you shouldn’t do that to someone else. Not only that, but if you have to question if something is morally wrong or can be hurtful, it probably is. During the Holocaust, all Jews were made to feel as if they were inferior to everyone else, especially the Aryan race. Not only the Jews but gyspies, gay men and women, and people with disabilities were also mocked and frowned upon. The thing about this is I highly doubt most of the Nazis ever got to know these people they criticized and grouped together as if they had no personality. If the Nazis actually had an open mind and talked to the Jewish, gypsies, gay men and women, and people with disabilities, something positive could have resulted. Instead, they let their hate, prejudices, fears, and assumptions get the better of them to commit an atrocity that is still considered one of the worst things to be done in the entirety of humanity. It is because of this arrogance, idiocy, and lack of open thinking that I will do my part to make sure that I never become anything remotely resembling what they became and instead fight that hate with love whenever I can.

The class is not a central part of my major since I didn’t have to take it, but I do feel it is very important to always remember certain events like the Holocaust or any other mass genocide so that society as a whole can do its best to avoid something similar to ever occur. I do think it is important to talk to other people with different viewpoints to hear their beliefs on certain things that I may not completely agree with but I can at least appreciate where they’re coming from. That can be a problem with some people nowadays, they are so stuck on their own ideas and point of view that they think that anyone with a different point of view must be stupid or not know what they are talking about. I believe having an open ear and open mind can do a world of wonders for many people, especially those who disagree with each other. Although the class may not be the happiest of subjects to talk about, it can also show the spirit of humanity that even through horrible atrocities, people can still see a light in even the darkest of times and places.

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Hello, my name is Marshall Rigby and I am a senior at ODU. I am a Music Industry major. I have played the clarinet since I was in 5thgrade. I was born May 18, 1997 in Virginia Beach, VA. In terms of writing, I’ve written several papers on musicians and people I like or who I find interesting as well as music in general. These people I’ve written about include Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and Paul McCartney as well a bit longer ago. I am also interested in different aspects of history and the things that went on during these different time periods.