Month October 2018

Again and again

When we think about the Holocaust, most people think of the atrocities and wickedness of the Nazi regime perpetrated against those deemed inferior. Naturally people want to believe that they would never stoop to participate in in such vile actions,… Continue Reading →

The Fear of Speaking Up

After completing the assigned reading and gathering my thoughts, I still don’t have a clear answer to the question. “Stories about righteous gentiles and those who fought back are important and inspirational. But could they be potentially dangerous to holocaust… Continue Reading →

Not my backyard, not my problem!

The Holocaust has been romanticized in different ways. This has potentially endangered the legacy of what occurred to the millions that died during the Holocaust. The “White Rose” is a movement founded by individuals who were anti-Nazi genocidal policies. This… Continue Reading →

How to Step Away from the “Not Me!” Mindset

There are many memorials dedicated to the people that endured the genocide of the Holocaust. An example of one that is pretty familiar to most people is pictured above, which hangs in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. This memorial… Continue Reading →

Human Capability

Of course, we all want to believe that we would fight back against genocide. Who would want to admit that they wouldn’t or don’t know if they would?  I have always tried to avoid calling people such Adolf Hitler and the… Continue Reading →

Romanticization of the Holocaust

To know that there are people out there that romanticize the Holocaust, is appalling to me. The Holocaust occurred approximately eighty-five years ago, it was a time that individuals and governments decided to promote hatred and discrimination that lead to… Continue Reading →

Glorification of Heroes

Genocide annihilates communal societies on a regular basis; however, the crimes go unnoticed while the heroes are glorified for their late arrival to the scene. The purpose of this entry is to explore the implications of memorializing the heroes who… Continue Reading →

This Weary World

Have you ever been in a classroom where the teacher asked a simple yes or no question, and to answer, all you have to do is raise your hand or keep it down? I have, and I wasn’t always honest… Continue Reading →

Stand Up, Speak Up, Fight Back

It is important for history to be taught; it’s even more important to tell the true history. There has been bloodshed in every continent that makes up today’s countries and laws. The Holocaust is one of those traumatic events that’s trying… Continue Reading →

It Can Be Anybody

As with most and almost everything, pretty much everyone will have an opinion on any and everything, so that is no different with this subject matter. From my standpoint, I believe that people who stood up and fought back against… Continue Reading →

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