Figure 1: This World War II poster can be found by clicking the link below


In the posters shown, the change propaganda tactics appears to be based on a how the audience is told to show their support. Immediately I see and understand the World War II poster, I understand the phrase meaning to be keeping your trap shut, and the three main axis powers at the bottom right corner. It produces the necessary reminder of not sharing knowledge with those that could use it against the allies’ side. With the apparent Hillary Clinton poster, the intended message is better hidden. It was a fake campaign poster meant to confuse Democratic voters from showing up at the booths. As most people can decide on their own that texting cannot replace a registration card for voting, some, although I hope only a few were misled by this ad.

Figure 2: This false election ad from the 2016 elections can be found by clicking the link here:

The audience is clear in the trap poster; it could be anyone that has kept up with the current news or someone working for the military in one form or another. Intentionally they have made the three men in the bottom corner caricatures to further emblemize them as a gang of bad guys. The Save Time poster’s targeted audience is anyone supporting Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party. The secondary audience could be implied as anyone that isn’t capable of the thought process necessary to realize you can’t vote with your cell phone. Sadly this ad deterred voters; the propaganda of modern times is harder to discern, and can only be spotted after closing tens of flash ads. The meaning of a poster to influence for the greater good of the country has been lost in ad campaigns of perfume and Old Spice telling audiences to “smell like a man, man”. (Link to the ad I’m referencing here:

Our concerns are being split into separate but direct means of democracy. Today’s voters use their pocket books as ballots; choosing to promote vegan or vegetarian foods aside from meat or dairy products. Propaganda comes in forms of slogans like “meat is murder” or the above from Old Spice. But the enemy is getting harder to find under a blanket of consumerism. Depending on what you consume or choose not to consume, the enemy changes. Even when the consumption of politics is on the table, people choose to make Hillary Clinton the enemy or John McCain the hero. Every election rivals the last with commercials of why the other candidate is immoral for supporting pro-life. The only difference is being unaware of who decides the marketing. In World War II, the audience was clear; every citizen of America, or all allied nations. In the modern world, a consensus of the one superior topic, in which all can put forth support, is blurred.

For American citizens, what matters most? Nutrition is an advocated concern, as well as vaccinations for kids, college debt for graduates, and low job availability. The list could go on for pages. It seems right now, the country hasn’t fully accepted Trump becoming President. Pressing the nation the most is its inability to stop looking at the magnitude of image bombardment, and opinions being shared in record time. This nation needs a requiem. Mourning what led us to this position with a President that has been on record saying the most disrespectful things. Even to Trump supporters, it does not mean they also support his use of aggressive language towards women (and basically anyone that doesn’t agree with him). It is possible to have the unity the nation had before WWII, but it won’t fix all our problems. The nation, during this war, united for a common good, that of service to protect a country that protected its people.  It was once a nation that didn’t “grab ‘em by the pussy,” at least.

Jackie is currently attending Old Dominion University attaining an English B.A. with a focus in creative writing. She is interested in topics related to the study of law, ethics, human rights and social norms.