Propaganda is an image that is used to persuade readers to get involved in a particular movement. When people think of propaganda, they often think of war efforts, however, a particular piece of propaganda that really gets my attention is the image below that illustrates a group of pilgrims that are trying to dock their boat in the United states, however American Indians are building a will to prevent them from entering because the pilgrims are not willing  to learn their language and they are not willing to appreciate their culture. This piece of propaganda directly relates to events that are happening in todays society.

This image contradicts America today because when immigrants from other countries come to the United States, they expect our help and our welcome, but we are quick to deny them and deport them, whether or not their family is involved. People outside of the United States believe that America is the greatest country in the world and knows it for its unique diversity, however, that is not always true. Often when immigrants come to the United States we demand that they learn english and force them to adapt American culture ways of life. What Americans do not realize is that, we are foreigners on our own land. The pilgrims refused to learn American Indian language and refused to adapt to their culture. Instead we enforced our language and culture on them and once we realized they were a threat we demanded they leave, and we sent them on a death march that left approximately 4,000 people dead. Because of the exploitation of the Indians and them not having the same rights as other Americans they are now scarce. The numbers of American Indians living in the united states has dramatically decreased in size throughout the years. The image below shows the truth of what it is like to live in the united states and be an American Indian.

America has covered up the inhuman killing of Native Americans that occurred in the 1600s. History books tell children that pilgrims and native Americans walked hand and hand in order to successfully colonize the region. What is not discussed is that American Indians taught the pilgrims how to survive and without them, they would have died. In in return for the Indians sacrifices, the pilgrims forced the Indians to give up their land and walk 2,200 miles to relocate, in which most did not survive. It was a genocide that has been completely covered up. The Indian in the image above, is in a library, learning about the false Native American history that covers up his true history. There are many instances that occur where people hesitate to mention the word genocide, and the inhumane killings of Native Americans is one of them.


Lauren McDonald is a student in JST 300/WMST 495/WMST 595 Holocaust and Genocide Studies.