This civil war era pamphlet is a form of propaganda used in the Confederate States of America. To adorn the cover of the pamphelt, the U.C.S.A uses the depiction of the perfect southern man, dressed in a soldiers uniform, wielding a sword, and bearing the national flag of their nation. Using this imagry, the cover itself is meant to inspire young men to put on a uniform and bear arms for their nation in order to defend their way of life from the union. To further encourage nationalism and pride, the pamphlet itself contains the national anthem for the confederacy.

The next two pictures are forms of online propaganda. Both picture are extremely similar and designed for the same purpose. The original of the two is the one on the right, used as a campign poster by President Barak Obama to encourage voter to vote for him in hopes of change. The latter picture of Donal Trump was used by the Clinton campign to discorage amerian voter from voting for Trump. Using the same red, white, and blue pattern meant to encourage american nationalism, and similar words describing the democratic attitude of the president depicted. As both were used across the internet, almost every american who had access to the internet was able to see these picture, but they would probably be spread around circles of people who support the democrat party.

The pamphlet and the images are both meant to inspire nationalism, wether it be the red, white, and blue in the images, or the national flag of the confederacy in the pamphlet. Both forms of propaganda were also used by their respective governments to encourage their message, but for two completely different reasons. The pamphlet was created to encourage nationalist fervor to march off to war, while the internet images were used to encourage voters to vote in favor of the democrat party. In terms of impact, the internet images carried a much stronger impact than the pamphlet. First and foremost, the ability of these images to be spread across the internet means that any person who has access to a phone, tablet, laptop, or computer has the possiblity of seeing these images. The pamphlets had to be printed individually and handed out amongst the population of the Conferderate States, and while the imagry was strong, most people were not entirely literate which took away part of the message the pamphlet was trying to convey.

Unfortunatly, having access to the internet barrages all internet useres with propaganda every day, and most of the time we don’t even realize. Scrolling through scoial media cites like twitter, instagram, and facebook, we can look and see picture and post that promote peoples opinions. Even when people sit down and watch television, especially in news programs and in commercials around election time, opinions are debated and weighed based on that networks biases. Being constantly bombarded by this propaganda often causes viwers to be numb to the fact that what they are watching is propaganda making it easier for thei opinions to be swayed.





My name is Andrew Yaunches. I am an American Jew who is studying history. I am deeply connected to my heritage and I seek to understand and uncover the truths of the darkest days in not only Jewish history, but the history of us as humanity as a whole.