Propaganda impacts our minds a lot today. I think propaganda has a way of slowly affecting the intended audience with repetition. In today’s society where the internet rules the world, it is a time for Propaganda to thrive. There is a lot of propaganda online and most people don’t even recognize when it is happening of where. Now I will analyze two pieces of propaganda.

Now these are two pieces pf propaganda that at first look seem very similar. The first figure is the propaganda from the Boston Tea Party while the second is a more contemporary piece of Donald Trump. So in both of them we see all the whit men with really big heads. A  coincidence ? I think not, it Is both of the artist intentions to symbolize the white men as being obviously big headed. Other similar things are, that in comparison to the white men everything else in the pictures looks minute along with theme that money is of no concern to them.

 I think these two artist are actually trying to push the same point across to the same audience. That point is, the government only cares about there selves and everything else is below them. If people were to continuously see this, it would bring up some type of emotions, especially if you are a member of the lower class.





My name is Dontevious M. Harris, I go by Tay and that is how I would like to be addressed. I am a calm laid back guy so I welcome all criticism at any time. I like to think we were given two ears and one mouth because we are supposed to listen twice as much as we speak, with that being said I don’t like to talk much but I always welcome conversation because I am pro-peace. One thing I must say I always try to live my life by is always do what makes you happy at the end of the day, so you might see that show up in a little of my work this semester.