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This isn’t just regular propaganda, it represents racism as well. King Kong is a historic figure from the early 1930’s, there’s been several remakes since then and they all consist of a huge black gorilla that possess severe infatuation of a white woman. Everyone tries to save her but she then falls in love with the “animal”. Black people especially men have been called “monkey” for centuries, it was a derogatory term used to dehumanize black people. King Kong was used for entertainment but in reality, it’s a subliminal message for black men. They’re conveying that a black man can cause harm to a white woman and he needs to be detained. Lebron James is a famous NBA player and Giselle is a Victoria Secret model, although this shot was taken for Vogue sponsoring; it represents blasphemy and is degrading to the black man. History repeats itself and the cycle will always continue but King Kong is something that shouldn’t be played with. In this picture Lebron is known as the “monkey” and Giselle is the woman being “captured”. With Lebron’s height of being 6 foot 8 inches, it’s not helping the derogatory picture statement. The audience is anybody who is watching from children to adults. They are similar because all three pictures represent a “monkey” and all have a white woman that looks in distress with the exclusion of Giselle. It’s different because their messages aren’t the same. King Kong is a movie that promotes and Giselle with Lebron is nothing but star power for Vogue but the subliminal message is still there. Propaganda impacts society today but I do believe people are unaware. For example, I did see the Vogue picture of Lebron and Giselle a while ago but never did I thought it was a subliminal message for King Kong. Propaganda functions in the digital age much easier because computers are more convenient and people create great graphic designs. It’s up to the audience to pinpoint it out.

My name is Ellen Harris, call me “E” for short. I’m 22 years old senior majoring in women’s studies. I have a very open mind and love to learn about new things!