As with most and almost everything, pretty much everyone will have an opinion on any and everything, so that is no different with this subject matter. From my standpoint, I believe that people who stood up and fought back against people such as the Nazis do not harm the memories of the so many lost during the Holocaust. The thing is with genocides, the victims can be anybody who society or a large group wants to scapegoat for all its problems. Unfortunately for the Jewish community at the time in Germany and most of Europe, they were that scapegoat for the Nazis. This group also including gypsies, homosexuals, disabled, and many more. This does not make the victims weak at all for not fighting back. Most of them had families and knew that it was suicide to fight back against a group as large as the Nazis. The fact that some people fought back does not diminish the memory of the Holocaust victims in the slightest. Almost anyone should be able to realize that there wasn’t really much these people could’ve done or realized just how far the Nazis would take things. As long as people remember those taken away during the Holocaust and all the more good they could’ve brought the world, the memory of these people will never be diminished by those who are good and kind at heart.

When we memorialize those who fought back, it means that we are honoring people who almost knew that they would not win, but also knew that what lied ahead of them was pretty much worse than death in their eyes. People who start genocides are the ones who are at fault, so there is no shame in people who did not fight back knowing that they were an almost inescapable victim of truly horrific crimes. Both the Nazis who committed the Holocaust, and the Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and the disabled at the end of the day were all ordinary people. The biggest difference being that the Nazis decided to commit an unspeakable atrocity while these groups of people suffered because of these atrocities. The people who fought back were also ordinary people, they just decided that fighting back was the best solution they could think of. Both those who fought back and everyone else who was persecuted by the Nazis were victims. All these people were in a no win situation in about any decision that they decided to do.

I believe that if some people wanted to believe “not me,” many people wouldn’t need much persuasion to believe what they wanted to believe. Anymore, a decent bit of people don’t follow facts too thoroughly. A good bit of people seem to follow what is popular or what they want to believe because this belief of theirs sounds good to them or fits in their beliefs. I do believe that people with reason would realize that some things must be contained before they are too big to control. By this, I mean there always seems to be a hateful group out there that tries to expand by recruiting other people to contribute to their hateful beliefs. If a hateful group becomes too big and gains power in government, there isn’t too much you as an individual would be able to do about it. This could lead to a group or groups of people to be persecuted and blamed for a countries problems, while everyone else not being able to help out because if they did, they would be persecuted as well.

The starts of genocides are usually fed by a large group of people’s fears, hates, and prejudices. When this expands to the government and they start targeting, persecuting, and executing these people, it’s pretty tough to protest because you would be the next victim. If this continues, fighting back in a physical sense is pretty much pointless against a government who has many resources to take advantage of its citizens who do not agree with them.

Although it is not known too well all the facts on North Korea, many of its people are pretty much under a genocide. This is because pretty much anyone who disagrees or dislikes Kim Jong Un is pretty much executed. The people of North Korea can also be executed just for watching television that is not the strictly North Korean television. Several countries in the Middle East have genocide problems as well today. Religious persecution being one of the biggest factors in the Middle East genocides.

Hello, my name is Marshall Rigby and I am a senior at ODU. I am a Music Industry major. I have played the clarinet since I was in 5thgrade. I was born May 18, 1997 in Virginia Beach, VA. In terms of writing, I’ve written several papers on musicians and people I like or who I find interesting as well as music in general. These people I’ve written about include Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and Paul McCartney as well a bit longer ago. I am also interested in different aspects of history and the things that went on during these different time periods.