It is important for history to be taught; it’s even more important to tell the true history. There has been bloodshed in every continent that makes up today’s countries and laws. The Holocaust is one of those traumatic events that’s trying to be seen as something less daunting as it was. The Holocaust was filled with rape, murder, bloodshed, family separation and human torturing with experimentation. The romanticized stories do cause harm to the true Holocaust and genocide memories. The Holocaust survivors living today wouldn’t be pleased to see a story that’s sugar coated with love including a “knight and shining armor.” The Holocaust wasn’t built on people fighting back, if that’s the case the Holocaust would have been known as a victory instead of misery. Ordinary people do commit genocide but, memorializing those who fought back doesn’t take away the pain or the bigger picture. It just shows how some fought back but millions of lives were still slaughtered. It also doesn’t present the real story of what happened, memorializing those who fought back can cause friction to those that can personally relate to that certain experience.

Everyone runs a risk when they remix history to their own words or knowledge because it’s not all true. The “Not me!” aspect will continue to grow because stories are being done wrong or glorified. Everyone can fight back for genocide but it’s a mental battle of fear that prevents people from fighting back. For example, slavery. Hundreds of slaves resided on a plantation with the master and his wife and/or children. The cooks in the house could have easily poisoned the family or the slaves could have easily rebelled overnight. There are some cases where these scenarios have happened but all plantations did not do it because of fear. Fear from oppression and mental abuse as well as seeing murder and seen families being taken away from each other. Genocides happen because a more “superior” group controls a “less superior” group. They feel they are belittled and don’t have the power, tools or finances to fight back. They happen today because of the same reasons, even though it isn’t a mass group of people. People are more equipped and knowledgeable of fighting back because laws and rules have changed. For example, the BLM movement is gaining recognition due to the violence of young black men being killed for little to no reason. Instead of sitting there and letting another death go unnoticed they are fighting back. Thankfully times have changed to fight back with power.


My name is Ellen Harris, call me “E” for short. I’m 22 years old senior majoring in women’s studies. I have a very open mind and love to learn about new things!