So as we all know Genocide has been a huge problem for the world throughout history. But an even bigger problem is the belief that acts of genocide are over. Almost every single day there are acts of genocide happening almost all across the world and we never notice because they have been so normalized by society. Just last month there was a mass shooting at a jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A lot of people did not even know about this happening.  The gunman reportedly came in with an AR-15 style assault rifle, an at least three handguns. He was heard yelling anti-Semitic comments before opening a barrage of bullets on unsuspecting Jews. He eventually killed 11 humans, after this horrific thing happened, it has been coined as the the greatest act of genocide on American soil. (I guess we just completely forgot about the English colonist almost complete annihilation of the indigenous peoples of this before the English settlers were considered “American”.)  The gunman was reported to have been shooting for several minutes. Apparently the only reason the shooting stopped was because the Policemen that reported to the scene were wearing tactical gear from head to toe. They surrounded the assailant eventually after shots were exchanged between the police force and the gunman. How the situation was handled is also a large portion of the residing problems in this field of study. The gunman who just killed 11 human beings and was stilled armed at the time was allowed to surrender peacefully.The most surprising part of this is that this is not really surprising at all. In today’s society the police are quicker to kill a black man reaching for their license at a routine traffic stop rather than a white man who has literally killed numerous people just minutes before. This reason alone is why a lot of why the genocides keep happening, If we have a better initial reaction to active shooters no matter Race, Religion or color. We would then maybe deter a lot of potential different anti- Semitic followers from possibly committing different acts of hate crimes and genocide in the United States. Nowadays with the way our country has been treating white gunmen, they literally have nothing to fear, because in the past we have not given any strict punishment or consequences for committing acts of genocide and hate crimes.


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