For a contemporary instance that I would consider a genocide, a genocide risk factor, or an area that I perceive to be at risk for genocide, I would say although not as standard as a usual genocide, the average citizens of North Korea are under a genocide brought on by the government of North Korea and its many past dictators as well its most recent dictator Kim Jong Un. I would say the situation in North Korea is a good bit different from most genocides in that the genocide isn’t against an original native population, a certain denomination of people, or really even a different country, the genocide is against all of the North Korean people who have any disagreements with the North Korean government and especially its dictator Kim Jong Un. The hostility of the North Korean government can be against anyone who gets in their way intentionally or not.

Not too much information is able to be given out on North Korea, mainly because of its seclusion from the rest of the world and very little contact with news media, but what is known from the information they give out and people who have successfully escaped from North Korea is very unsettling and can be quite disturbing. For example, the government of North Korea is extremely controlling on what the citizens of North Korea are allowed to watch on television. The punishment for watching something that the North Korean government did not put up and that includes just watching a movie can be very extreme and that punishment can definitely include death.

Citizens of North Korea are not allowed to speak badly about the government of Kim Jong Un. If they found out that you had done such a thing, you could be tortured, sent off to labor, or even killed. The government is very unforgiving in almost every way in anything they deem against them. Many of the people of North Korea are not fed well. This can because of all the money that the government spends on nuclear weapons, the lack of care for the citizens of North Korea, intentional cleansing of people the government wants to get rid of, and pretty much any other reason the government of North Korea and Kim Jong Un feel like giving.

North Korea has violated all five of the acts of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and Article 6 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court characterized as genocide by committing actions with “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” These five acts are executions and state-sanctioned murders, the systematic use of torture, state-induced mass starvation in political prison camps and elsewhere, forcible abortions and infanticide, and the forcible transfer and enslavement of children.

It is said that North Korea has killed off entire families from three generations including non-religious relatives just because of the religion of the family. The leaders of North Korea fill that religion, particularly Christianity, is a primary threat to their national security and complete control of the people of North Korea. The harshest of punishments go to refugees of North Korea who make contact with missionaries and churches in China. If these refugees are found by the North Korean government, they are forcibly returned, and then are brutally tortured as well as interrogated to find out if they had made contact with religious groups. If they confess to or are believed to have met with missionaries in China or are believed to have converted to Christianity, they are either killed off or they are sent off to concentration camps for the rest of their lives with their whole entire families. It is believed that as of 2012, according to Open Doors estimate, the amount of Christians that were imprisoned in the North Korea’s concentration camps was right around 50,000-70,000. It is also believed that North Korean Christians have been used as guinea pigs for chemical and biological weapon experiments.

Something that North Korea does on a wide level is to kill off almost all of the half-Chinese babies of North Korean women. Many hundreds of thousands of North Korean citizens have tried to leave to China to be able to survive from the famine and oppression of North Korea. A large amount of these people are women. About 80 percent of these women had been victims of sex-trafficking or had also been sold into forced marriages. The problem with them heading to China is that a large amount of the Chinese government will send a large majority of the North Korean citizens back to North Korea, even though the Chinese government knows that they will be brutally tortured and most likely executed. This means that the Chinese government is also breaching the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees because of their knowledge of what the North Korean government does to refugees.

Many of these North Korean women refugees are also raped and get pregnant while trying to flee. Many of the women are said to carry a razor blade or arsenic with them in the situation of being caught the Chinese police, with many of them saying that they would rather kill themselves then having to suffer from the North Korean government. North Korea has also been acknowledged by the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for the “Continued violation of the human rights and fundamental freedoms of women, which in particular refers to the trafficking of women for prostitution or forced marriage, ethnically motivated forced abortions, including by labor inducing injection or natural delivery, as well as to infanticide of children of repatriated mothers, including in police detention centers and labor training camps.” This information has been confirmed by a good amount of reports over recent years that have proven that infanticide as well as forced abortion on ethnic grounds have been systematically carried out in the North Korean prisons. This is considered ethnic cleansing, but it is also related to the North Korean government’s belief on a racial purity.

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