My memorial to the Holocaust is not relatively simple to create and there is meaning in ever aspect of it. The memorial I want to create is large enough to walk into and have enough room to be comfortable standing in. Imagine a gazebo but larger, there would be six angled arches that you can enter to get to the center of the structure that would be made of concrete. Each “gate” represents an entrance to one of the six big concentration camps that were erected during the Holocaust. I would like to have either a replica or a representation of each camp’s gate in the arch so when you walk through, you’d be walking the gate of that camp. This will also help with security because when the memorial closes you can just shut and lock the gates. Above the middle of each arch is a metal spire that interlocks with each other to form the shape of a star of David that looms over the middle of the structure. Engraved on each spire will be the names of the people who perished in the respective camp the spire is connected to. The spire can either be curved and taper down as they go or in a straight line but are arched. With the spires looming over the center of the structure this means that at when the sun is directly above it the spires will cast a shadow of the star of David onto the ground. The curved spires would create an artistic representation of the star where as the straight arched ones would give a proper shape. If the straight spires are implemented, I would like to have curved glass in between each spire so the center can be covered and safe from rain. In the center of the structure there will be a raised stone tablet with a plaque dedicated to the live lost and the groups that were persecuted during the Holocaust.

I would like the funding for this memorial to be primarily raised through donations however, I will gladly help pay for it myself. For the construction of the memorial I would like to consult leaders of the Jewish community for their input on what could be added or taken away from the project, and to also get their approval for its construction. Also, even though there would be a giant star of David on the center of the structure I want this to be a space that represents all the groups that were persecuted, not just Jews. The location for where this memorial will be built can be discussed but I would like it to be built in Germany so not only can it be a political statement, but it will show that the memory of the Holocaust will not be forgotten. I am sure there will be tensions when it comes to proposing the idea of this memorial, but I think it will have a lasting effect on the people who visit it and portray the message in a tasteful artistic way. This also relates to a major portion of our class as we talked about how to portray a political statement in a non-offensive way while still making a powerful statement. Even though this is for a class project, I would love to make this dream come true and see this really built.

Joshua Kahn is a senior at Old Dominion University pursuing his degree in Sound Recording Technology in the Music Department. He is a classically trained cellist who has played for 9 years now, he also plays basic piano and is a baritone singer. Josh one day aspires to work in Carnegie Hall running the sound board or in another large concert hall. His hobbies include playing music, hanging out with friends, and playing video games. He also hopes to get his masters in sound recording in the future.