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Repatriation Gone Wrong

The Rohingya Muslims are one of dozens of different minority groups that exist in Myanmar(Burma), and a majority of them within the Rakhine state. Myanmar remains a largely Buddhist country, and the Myanmar government even denies that the Rohingya people… Continue Reading →

Myanmar and Bangladesh – What is Happening Today?

  In the image above a woman reaches out for help as many people attempt in helping to assist her in crossing from Myanmar into Bangladesh. You can notice that the people around her, including herself seem like their suffering… Continue Reading →

Not my backyard, not my problem!

The Holocaust has been romanticized in different ways. This has potentially endangered the legacy of what occurred to the millions that died during the Holocaust. The “White Rose” is a movement founded by individuals who were anti-Nazi genocidal policies. This… Continue Reading →

It Can Be Anybody

As with most and almost everything, pretty much everyone will have an opinion on any and everything, so that is no different with this subject matter. From my standpoint, I believe that people who stood up and fought back against… Continue Reading →

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