Final Pjt: Holocaust Memorial Loss of Identity Painting

The Holocaust and other genocides that have taken place are proof that there is always going to be hate, bigotry, and racism in the world that we live in. It is unfortunate that people feel the need to discriminate and… Continue Reading →

Final Pjt: Interacting With the Holocaust: Examination of a Genocide

In order to articulate how the Holocaust impacts each of us almost 80 years after it’s completion, I decided to create an interactive memorial to be used as an educational tool in high schools and higher education. People gravitate toward… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters in the Music Industry

Holocaust and Genocide Studies ties to my home discipline as well as my job interests by making me think highly of morals and to do my part to stop the spread of hate. People should know how the Nazis used… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters in Women’s Studies

The past can predict the future. I carry this quote with me throughout every day. Many may say that we cannot predict what happens in the future. Although this statement can be very true, I believe that what has happened… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters in International Studies

Holocaust/Genocide Studies significantly ties to International Studies. I am a second year graduate student in the International Studies Program at Old Dominion University. My particular interests behind my career choice derive from my passion to help immigrants and refugees. I… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters for Legal Studies

My heart is governed by striving towards fairness. In this study of holocausts and genocides my heart is tested. I am tested because of my inclination towards law, a code of conduct that changes depending on country, legal status, gender,… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters to a Marine Biology Major

As a Marine Biology major; holocaust and genocide studies is not a required class for my specific field of studies but a choice I made to take as part of my graduation fulfillment. My lacking learning experience in middle school… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters for Sport Management Majors

The Holocaust is a constant reminder of what happens when we allow biases and prejudices to get the best of us. It is also a constant reminder of the ethical issues and dilemmas that we deal with as a society…. Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters for Sociologists

Genocide is not a word most of us associate with the United States and its history.  If we do, it’s probably in the context of America stopping Adolf Hitler and his attempted extermination of Jews, Romani, and other “undesirables” during… Continue Reading →

Why do we study Holocaust and Genocide Studies?

As we begin Fall 2018, students in JST 300 – WMST 495 – WMST 595 (Holocaust and Genocide Studies) reflect on what they hope to gain or learn this semester by pursing this area of study. We’ll check in again… Continue Reading →

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