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Why HGS Matters in History and Jewish Studies

As I plan to go onto rabbinical school after I finish my history undergraduate degree, Holocaust and Genocide studies plays a vital role in understanding the world and Judaism today. Having been one of the most horrific displays of inhumanity… Continue Reading →

HGS and Me

HGS ties to my own home discipline by allowing me to be humble and grateful. I learned about the Holocaust at a very young age, my parents never kept the “hidden truths” of the world from me. I learned about… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters for Artists

Artists have a unique freedom to be able to create whatever they want in order to communicate their intended message(s). It is with this freedom artists can not only raise awareness about the impacts and affects of genocides, but they… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters in the Legal Field

The study of Holocaust and Genocide Studies should be important to our culture, as we can all afford a basic lesson in morality. The Holocaust is likely the most well documented atrocity we have encountered as a human race. When… Continue Reading →

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