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Final Pjt: American Indians Are Still Here

For my design, I’ve constructed a memorial remembering the American Indians. If it were not for them who knows how America would be. I’ve always had a passion for American Indian history, culture, language and stories. I am part Pamunkey… Continue Reading →

Final Pjt: Honoring Indigenous Women

At least 300 Indigenous women go missing or are murdered in the United States and Canada every year (Hegyi2018).  However, the number is likely far greater, as there is no official record of these women, because governments and local police… Continue Reading →

Pilgrim Propaganda

  Propaganda is an image that is used to persuade readers to get involved in a particular movement. When people think of propaganda, they often think of war efforts, however, a particular piece of propaganda that really gets my attention… Continue Reading →

Immigration Propaganda

This historic image was shown in a humor magazine in 1903 – “The High Tide of Immigration.”  You will notice that, Uncle Sam, is hanging onto the cliff as immigrants are floating offshore. This image clearly portrays immigrants as symbols… Continue Reading →

Native American Genocide Awareness

We’ve been talking about genocides of indigenous populations, and as part of it, we’ve been working to grapple with our own status as individuals living in a colonized nation. As a classroom exercise, we came up with these tweets to… Continue Reading →

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