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Final Pjt: American Demise Memorial

 The Issue For centuries we as a nation of people have egocentrically perceived the issues that have plagued our United States of America. As Americans, it is our job to take responsibility for our actions while acknowledging periodic historical elements… Continue Reading →

Final Pjt: American Indians Are Still Here

For my design, I’ve constructed a memorial remembering the American Indians. If it were not for them who knows how America would be. I’ve always had a passion for American Indian history, culture, language and stories. I am part Pamunkey… Continue Reading →

Final Pjt: Honoring Indigenous Women

At least 300 Indigenous women go missing or are murdered in the United States and Canada every year (Hegyi2018).  However, the number is likely far greater, as there is no official record of these women, because governments and local police… Continue Reading →

The Systematic Killing of Black Americans

There are many stories of genocides throughout various parts of the world. The Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, and so much more. None of these documented events however have occurred in the United States, or at least they… Continue Reading →

Romanticization of the Holocaust

To know that there are people out there that romanticize the Holocaust, is appalling to me. The Holocaust occurred approximately eighty-five years ago, it was a time that individuals and governments decided to promote hatred and discrimination that lead to… Continue Reading →

Glorification of Heroes

Genocide annihilates communal societies on a regular basis; however, the crimes go unnoticed while the heroes are glorified for their late arrival to the scene. The purpose of this entry is to explore the implications of memorializing the heroes who… Continue Reading →

Not Me! How Familiarity Breeds Contempt

A poster that I got from the Holocaust Museum at 14 says it best: “It is not enough to be compassionate. You must act.” Tenzin Gyatso asserted this in the fourteenth Dalai Lama in 1992 and it still rings true… Continue Reading →

Propaganda and the States

This civil war era pamphlet is a form of propaganda used in the Confederate States of America. To adorn the cover of the pamphelt, the U.C.S.A uses the depiction of the perfect southern man, dressed in a soldiers uniform, wielding… Continue Reading →

Propaganda: Nazi State and Make America Great Again

Propaganda can be defined as information that is biased or misleading, used to promote or publicize a particular cause or point of view. Propaganda posters were very popular in the past, used to convey the thoughts and opinions of the… Continue Reading →

Propaganda and War Efforts

The year is 1943. With two years of the war left, Americans are enduringly waiting for their soilders to return back to the homefront. Women are eagerly entering the workforce, despite their “second shifts” that they must face when they… Continue Reading →

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