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Pilgrim Propaganda

  Propaganda is an image that is used to persuade readers to get involved in a particular movement. When people think of propaganda, they often think of war efforts, however, a particular piece of propaganda that really gets my attention… Continue Reading →

Propaganda and Us

Propaganda impacts our minds a lot today. I think propaganda has a way of slowly affecting the intended audience with repetition. In today’s society where the internet rules the world, it is a time for Propaganda to thrive. There is… Continue Reading →

Propaganda Creating the “Other”

In the older poster of propaganda, it shows a snake with a Japanese person’s face with a snake tongue. The poster also tells of how these people or snakes backstab. The poster also makes the Japanese person’s face look threatening… Continue Reading →

Democracy and Propaganda

  In the posters shown, the change propaganda tactics appears to be based on a how the audience is told to show their support. Immediately I see and understand the World War II poster, I understand the phrase meaning to… Continue Reading →

Military Propaganda: Then and Now

Propaganda surrounds us every day in ways we would least expect it. From social media outlets to advertising on the television we are constantly confronted with many images of propaganda that are attempting to convey specific messages. When I think of… Continue Reading →

Native American Genocide Awareness

We’ve been talking about genocides of indigenous populations, and as part of it, we’ve been working to grapple with our own status as individuals living in a colonized nation. As a classroom exercise, we came up with these tweets to… Continue Reading →

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