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What are challah and challah covers?

There are many pertinent symbols of Judaism which all represent various customs. Two of these symbols are called challah and a challah cover. Challah is braided-style bread that is typically eaten on Shabbat (Jews’ Day of Rest). This specific type of bread can be presented… Continue Reading →

Final Pjt: Honoring Indigenous Women

At least 300 Indigenous women go missing or are murdered in the United States and Canada every year (Hegyi2018).  However, the number is likely far greater, as there is no official record of these women, because governments and local police… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters in Women’s Studies

The past can predict the future. I carry this quote with me throughout every day. Many may say that we cannot predict what happens in the future. Although this statement can be very true, I believe that what has happened… Continue Reading →

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