Journal #1

Upon reviewing the NICE Framework there are two areas that appeal the most to me, and two that appeal the least.

One of the most appealing areas that I feel I could specialize in is in Protect and Defend. The analysis focus of this area is what appeals to me most. I like the challenge in being able to figure out why a cyber event occurred and how to prevent it from possibly happening in the future. To be able to identify a potential vulnerability and help with a system’s defense is very appealing to me because of the helpful nature of it, and I love to help people. This is also why Oversee and Govern is another area that appeals to me. Being able to oversee cyber teams and cybersecurity projects will be indispensable and invaluable to me. I will be able to hone and develop leadership skills, and learn about getting things done under pressure in a team environment.

Least appealing areas to me would be Securely Provision and Investigate. When it comes to Securely Provision, I don’t have much desire to build and create. I would prefer to analyze currently existing systems, hardware, and software instead of creating my own and creating my own tests/evaluations. For the Investigation area; surveillance, counter-surveillance, forensics, and their links to law-enforcement isn’t what I had in mind for my future in the cyber realm. I have never really had much interest in compiling evidence or the law-enforcement field altogether even though I know its importance in fighting against all types of crime.

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