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I believe I am a confident student because I am highly motivated.  I admire persons of authority in my desired field for their service and dedication which I aspire to do.  Aside from that, I was raised to be respectful of authority and aim to please.  I have always considered myself to be a nontraditional learner.  I am very hands on and try to incorporate a little fun in my learning.  Working with peers always brings a bit of fun to the situation.  I am also a morning person and perform at my best early in the day.  I enjoy the outdoors and being active which makes early day most conducive to learning and moving around.  Last but not least, I am highly motivated to complete tasks and achieve my goals.

Self-actualization is a major priority of mine and bettering me makes my mother’s and daughter’s lives better. Always remembering that my teachers and authority figures expect high performance from me will constantly motivate me.  The positive regard and feedback that comes with impressing authority figures also motivates me.  Studying with peers will help me to become a well-rounded person as well as make my learning environment fun, especially if the group includes persons with different personality types than my own.  These things boost my confidence as a student.

Self-efficacy is an individual’s belief in his or her innate ability to achieve goals.  The questionnaire measured two important components of self-efficacy, believing in my own abilities and my ability to grow with effort.  I scored a 92.5 on Believe in Your Ability, which measures how much I believe that I can succeed and am I confident that I can reach my goals.  I scored an 84 on the Ability Can Grow With Effort portion, which measures whether I believe that my skills, talent, and knowledge can improve with practice.  I believe this means, though I feel that levels of talent and intelligence are not adjustable for everyone, I have a healthy belief in my own talents and intelligence and my ability to improve them, if necessary.  I have compensated, compromised, and overcome changes whenever necessary and I have no problem pivoting if a situation requires it.  This ability to change allows me to accomplish more tasks.

I was not always as confident as I am now.  It took family, friends, and teachers over the ears to point out the good qualities I possessed but was overlooking.

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