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Getting Into the Swing of Things

Today the University starts back with in-person classes, a “gradual return to on campus learning for a select number of classes” as shared by Giovanna M. Genard in an email about a week ago. For some people however you’re already been in classes since January 19th, but in an online format for the semester.

Even with classes going on, Spring 2021 feels like it might be harder than Fall 2020. If you’re on campus you might have to go through the gauntlet of COVID tests. If you’re off campus you may be battling a work – home – school environment again. It may be a struggle but if you did it last semester you can do it again. If you’re new on campus don’t be worried. Even if this is your first time with higher education and distance learning the key it is to get back into a rhythm. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Make a schedule for yourself
  • Include breaks and time to let yourself rest from school, or work.
  • Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water
  • Set reasonable goals for yourself
  • Hold yourself accountable

You can master the complexities of this semester. Could there be rough patches? Might you make mistakes? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, do the best that you can do and be confident!

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