NIST Cybersecurity Framework DB

The NIST Cybersecurity framework adds structure and organization to a company. This structure helps prevent any activity or task from being overlooked. Along with also maintaining a well-balanced work environment so that the workload coming into the company will be evenly distributed to all employees.
The framework also gives a set of guidelines for handling cybersecurity risks. The rotation of these guidelines being identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. This set of guidelines and motions helps businesses easily understand the process in which cybersecurity has to be presented. Not all members of a business will have a background in cybersecurity so therefore it is important to be able to present a framework in a simple manner to all employees.
How I personally would use the NIST Cybersecurity Framework at my future workplace is by using it as a guide map based on my position. If I find myself in a large company and placed into a section of the framework, I will be able to easily navigate who it is I have to communicate with regarding the task at hand. Now if I found myself in a smaller company with a small cybersecurity team, I would use this framework a little differently. This is a general map and guide to the steps to secure the business instead of a directory of who I should communicate with in regard to a center step of the framework.

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