Visit to Norfolk Public Library Janaf Branch

For Library Visit 2, I visited the Janaf Branch of the Norfolk Public Library system. I had been there once before and thought it would make for a fascinating case study.

Olenick, C. (2021). [Photograph of Norfolk Public Library Janaf Branch]. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

See below for links to the different components of my presentation.

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  1. pnich002 says:

    Goodness, while they are filling a gap they are making it hard for people new to the area to visit. I wonder if enough people used google maps to get there and then used the feature that Google sometimes uses where you can help improve it, if you could change where Google thought the entrance was?

    1. colen002 says:

      Oh, I hadn’t thought of that! I’ve done that for other businesses before. I don’t know if that would totally solve the problem, because if you “corrected” Google and said that the front entrance is the main entrance, it would hopefully direct you the more appealing way instead of behind the strip mall, but then you would be directed to the less accessible entrance. I don’t think there is a perfect solution in this case. I will say though, that I did at least submit changes for correcting the library marker to be on the actual library instead of the office building and for adding the sidewalk from the main parking lot, and I’m happy to report they published the changes!

  2. aenri002 says:

    You did such a thorough job of analyzing the outside of this library! I really like how you utilized maps several times throughout your presentation. I think that really helped those of us who have never seen the library understand the point you were trying to convene about the location. I like how you identified places that could be potential wayfinding signs that could help patrons locate the library easily. I think using the map again to demonstrate how this library fills a need in the community was powerful because it showed that without the Janaf Library, patrons would have to travel a greater distance to reach one of the other libraries in the area.

    1. colen002 says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the analysis. I know I went a little bit overboard, but I was just flabbergasted by the bad location and unappealing drive when I first visited. I was trying to convey that as accurately as possible so others could understand the weird experience.

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