Artificial Intelligence image created with Craiyon from the text prompt “librarians at a computer in the style of Picasso”

Fifteen years ago, almost no one owned a smartphone, but now, according to the Pew Research Center (2021), 85% of Americans own one. It doesn’t seem like technology is incrementally progressing, in fact, it feels exponential in some areas. Regardless, technology is changing at a rapid pace unknown to past generations. Like a lot of professions, being a librarian requires one to stay up to date with current technology. I consider myself to be more of an early adopter when it comes to new technology. Take Dalle-2, a new AI tool that creates images from natural language prompts. I’ve been watching the progress of this complicated technology and now it’s available to a large group of beta testers. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them but you can try an older version using Craiyon, formerly known as DALL-E mini. As an aspiring librarian, it’s important I keep myself up to date on new technologies. Here are ways I plan on doing that after school.

One important aspect of staying current is setting aside time to learn new software or technology says Chavous P. Camp, COO, and CBO of Carolina Innovative Research, Ltd. Co (Rayome, 2017). Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, that time really adds up. Another aspect and idea that rang true to me were that some of us might be better with technology than others, but it’s a skill, not a talent says Paige Szmodis (2021). When I was tasked to create a website, something I was unfamiliar with, the most essential part was putting in the time to learn. For some reason I felt I should be “good” at building a website with WordPress. Really all I needed to do was take my time and learn with a tool like LinkedIn Learning, formerly All faculty, staff, and students are fortunate that LinkedIn Learning is provided by Old Dominion University. Staying curious is another vital part of keeping up to date. As Sarah states in her article about Staying Sharp During the Summer (2022), “we’re information professionals, and curiosity should be one of our driving forces.” Attending professional conferences is another way to keep current on new trends and technologies. There’s always something new to learn at state and national conferences in librarianship. Do you plan on going to any professional conferences soon? Which ones?


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