Turning Instagram Skills Into Classroom Learning Experiences

Fore, P. (2017). Antique Typewriter on Dark Wood [Digital Image]. Unsplash. Retrieved from https://unsplash.com/photos/0gkw_9fy0eQ CC Zero

6893491(2018). Women-adult-girl-book-reader-3156263 [Digital Image]. Pixabay. Retrieved from https://pixabay.com/photos/women-adult-girl-book-reader-3156263/ CC Zero  Image edited.

Most young people, being digital natives, have experience editing images on their smartphones. Whether they are cropping and filtering to upload to Instagram, or editing photos and videos to create TikToks, most teens are quite talented when it comes to digital editing. However, photo editing sites on a computer are quite different from an app on a phone. The above image was edited using Tuxpi Photo Editor. Tuxpi offers many more options than the free editing apps I have used on my iPhone, and it was easier to be more precise with my editing. Photo editing sites are a great resource to use in a classroom or library because they allow students to create and design as a means of demonstrating knowledge. With creation being at the top of Bloom’s taxonomy, this higher-level thinking should be a goal of teachers and librarians. For example, as a summative project upon finishing a novel study in a high school classroom, rather than have students take a traditional test that requires rote memorization, a better option would be to have students create a photo collage using a site like Tuxpi. Students could be given options such as selecting a character to represent through images and quotes. By taking a familiar activity that students already enjoy and adapting the activity into a classroom environment, students are much more willing to participate. Projects that combine technology and creativity encourage student buy-in, which produces better learning outcomes.

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  1. Amy Key says:

    I love your “Unleash the power of a book” photograph. This is beautiful! I really liked how you added text to it. Have you ever done anything like that before? Nice work!

    1. kscot019 says:

      Thank you! I sponsor the Harry Potter club at my school and run the club Instagram page, so I am always making similar style content for that.

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