Conference Presentation

I created a presentation called “Breaking the Monotony: Audio & Infographics in the High School ELA Classroom.” I wanted to focus on just two specific technology pieces so as not to overwhelm the audience. In the presentation, I discuss the benefits of using audio (voice recording) in the English classroom and provide two very different websites that can support this, along with SOL linked lesson ideas. I also discuss infographics and how creating these visual representations of data create better understanding and learning outcomes. I provide two different options for creating infographics and lesson plan ideas with corresponding SOLs.

Creating visuals for presentations, whether it be slides, pamphlets, slidedocs, posters, or brochures, is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I love designing. Choosing images, fonts, and colors and then spacing everything out to create the most eye catching and visually pleasing product is more like a hobby than work, so I really enjoyed working on this presentation. Having watched so many presentations on educational tools myself, I feel like the most important aspect is to deliver some specific examples and ideas using just a couple new tools; otherwise, people will feel bombarded with information, become frustrated and then shutdown. A teacher should walk away from a presentation like this feeling inspired not frustrated.

Here is a link to my presentation:

Here is a link to my script for the presentation:

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