About Me

Hello, my name is Ariana Eisenberg.  Lover of the beauty in life (especially life in Japan).

I was born in Albany, Georgia but, being part of a military family, I grew up in a couple different places. Most of my younger years, up until about the age of 8, I was raised in Jacksonville, North Carolina. For the next eight years, I continued my growth as a teenager and graduated high school in Okinawa, Japan — my mother’s hometown.

I am currently a freshman at Old Dominion University majoring in Psychology in Norfolk, Virginia. I plan to graduate with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Human Service Counseling in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a clinical psychotherapist. Throughout middle school and high school I struggled with what I wanted to be and study in college. I went back and forth considering veterinary school, since I love animals, and law school, until I decided that neither occupation really fit what I wanted to do as a person.

Eventually, after overcoming adversity with my own mental health and discovering I had a natural aptitude to talk to and console others, I established within myself that I wanted to become a therapist. I like helping people understand and deal with their lives and emotions, so naturally I am seeking an occupation in that realm because earning money doing something you love is always the dream.