Welcome to The Sports Journal

On the blog/journal, you will find all of the coursework and assignments that I will complete over the duration of COMM 462: Sport and Strategic Communication. The main goal of this class is to observe the role that mass media communication and how it is intertwined with the sports world in connecting fans and distributing information amongst consumers.

As for me, I am a Hampton Roads native and lived here for most of my life. Currently, I am a senior at Old Dominion University and am looking to graduate in the Spring of 2024 with a degree in communications and a concentration in Public Relations, Persuasion, and Advocacy. On the sports side of things for me, my favorite sport is hockey and my all time favorite team is the New York Rangers. I think the best sporting event to watch is the Stanley Cup Playoffs, even if you’re not a fan or your team isn’t in it. Lastly, some of the sports and exercises I like to do are go on runs and play hockey.