Journal #5 | What Is Your Favorite Song and Why?

When it comes to music, I can hardly decide what is my favorite! ­čśÇ I love music so much, I listen to my Soundcloud┬ádaily to destress my mind or to escape reality to imagine. I admit, it does take toll on my timing to do work. I tend to listen to tropical/deep house music and it’s so beautiful that I tend to give in temptation to listen!

My favorite song of the moment would be, “EDX-Breathin‘”. This song is a deep house song that’s really serene. It’s a very romantic song that emphasizes on falling in love with a significant other. It’s a perfect song for a wedding, summer fling, or even a romantic comedy! I mostly listen to the melody and how the piano elegantly plays while the beat is still going on. It’s one of those songs that I have playing in my head when I’m at school here. I’m not in a relationship, yet. Although, I could say that I’m in love with school and that’s what the song translates for me.

–Paula JP