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I did not find anything about my location that I did not already know from looking on our own. I found a few ads on Our own for a couple of Christmas and Easter services inviting people to come worship with them, join in with bible study, small communities socials, support groups they had going on.

 I think I could not find much about it because the church has shaped and changed from then to now. A couple of weeks ago I interviewed the co-paster of the church and he said that the gay churches in Norfolk have joined, unjoined, and fought with each other for years. So, it is possible that this same church could have been called something else during the time and had to keep changing and forming to what it is now. Though looking through the archives was not a total loss because I did find some things about the pastor of the church and a church member.

but I did find something about the person who is now the Revern James Downing Before he was a pastor at All God’s Children, he was at the Metropolitan church. When I searched his name, it came up a few times in a couple of ads for the church. He did not join All god’s Children until the early (that is known today) until the early ’90s, and that is when his name shows up in Our own under the All God’s Children church.

Another Church member I found was Delores Berry who just like Rev Downing was at the MCC before moving to All God’s children. A lot of the gay churches joined and formed out of each other and some members went off to form their own churches. So, in the early 70’s and ’90s when I found their names in Our own they were at different churches. Unfortunately, Mrs. Berry has passed.

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