Rev. Strong

By Tayo Akinduro

The Unitarian Church is one of the most well-known churches in the area. The church is comprised of very diverse people in faith, ethnicity, and sexuality. Those who have a religious background, those without a religious background, those who believe God, and those who do not believe in God. One of the goals of the church is to make a difference in the community and the world as a whole. One of the ways the church reaches this goal, is from the acceptance of all people. The members of the church are Unitarian Universalists, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, Pagan, and much more. Additionally, many of the members are Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Lesbian.

It was not always like this from the beginning in 1912. It began as a liberal religion in a primarily white area so there was not much integration. Over the next 70 years, change began to take place. The church selected its first openly gay man, Reverend Douglass Morgan Strong, to serve as the Unitarian Universalist Interim Minister. He was a sixth-generation Unitarian Universalist, an author, and one of the first people to initiate change. During his time in this position, he was the Special Projects Director. He also handled administrative matters and facilities management. Selecting Reverend Douglass Morgan Strong, as a minister was one of the best things this church could have done. Not only did he host several events and activities during his term, but he showed the people in the church and in the community that acceptance is key to unity.


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