Rabadi, G. (Ed)(2016). Heuristics, Meta-heuristics and Approximate Methods in Planning and Scheduling, Springer

Chapter 1. Garcia, C. and Rabadi, G. (2016) “Approximation Algorithms for Spatial Scheduling”.

Data and Solutions (zipped)

Chapter 4. Al-Salem, M., Haouari, M., Kharbeche, M., Khallouli, W. (2016) “A Free-Slack-Based Genetic Algorithm for the Robotic Cell Problem with Controllable Processing Times”

Data and Solutions (zipped)

Chapter 6. Arin, A., and Rabadi, G. (2016) “Performance of an Intensification Strategy based on Learning in a Metaheuristic: Meta-RaPS with Path Relinking”

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Chapter 7. Dcoutho, N. and Moraga, R. (2016) “Meta-RaPS for a Bi-objective Unrelated Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem”

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Chapter 9. Soykan, B. and Rabadi, G. (2016) “A Metaheuristic Algorithm for The Runway Scheduling Problem”, Book Chapter in Rabadi (ed.), “Heuristics, Metaheuristics and Approximate Methods in Planning and Scheduling”.

Data (Excel)  | Solutions (Excel)

Chapter 11. Arnaout, J-P (2016). Worm Optimization for the Traveling Salesman Problem.

Data and Solutions (Excel)

Chapter 12. Hançerlioğulları, G., Koksalmis and Hançerlioğulları, K. (2016)  Heuristics and Simulated Annealing Algorithm for the Surgical Scheduling Problem

Data (Excel): surgery duration age-surgery type-priority weight setup time | ReadMe