A Mathematical Model and Heuristic Approaches for Runway Rescheduling (under review)

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Arnaout, J-P, Musa, R., and Rabadi, G.* (2014) “A two-stage Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to minimize the makespan on Unrelated Parallel Machines – Part II: Enhancements and Experimentations”, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, V.25, No. 1, P. 43-45, DOI: 10.1007/s10845-012-0672-3

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Arnaout, J-P., Rabadi, G.* and Musa, R. (2010) “A Two-stage Ant Colony Optimization to Minimize the Makespan on Unrelated Parallel Machines with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times”, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Vol. 21, No. 6, P. 693 – 701

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Aguirre-Solis, J.J. “Tabu Search Algorithm For the Open Shop Scheduling Problem with Sequence Dependent Setup Times

Arnaout, J-P., A Worm Optimization Algorithm to Minimize the Makespan on Unrelated Parallel Machines with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times (under Review)


Absalom E. Ezugwu, A two-stage firefly algorithm for scheduling unrelated parallel machines with sequence-dependent setup times (under Review).

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