We seek to improve global vaccine efficacy by understanding the mechanisms of vaccine failure and discovering vaccinology strategies to overcome those hurdles.

The health, safety, and security of our lab members are our most important priorities. True, ethical, legal, and reproducible research is our goal.

Successful and comprehensive mentoring of our trainees is one of our guiding principles.

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Lisa Shollenberger received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics from The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. She is an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Old Dominion University. She is also an Adjunct Researcher at Fiocruz in Brazil and Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of EnduraVax. For three decades, Dr. Shollenberger has been conducting consilient research in the fields of microbiology, drug and gene delivery, nanotechnology, immunology, parasitology, and vaccinology, with the long-term goals of improving human health and mentoring the next generation of scientists. Dr. Shollenberger has developed at least 10 unique innovations, four of which were awarded U.S. patents. Her research program, funded by NIH, CHRB, and the Cheng Fund, focuses on the mechanisms of disparate vaccine responses and understanding how confounding factors influence vaccine efficacy.