Iayonna Brown Receives the Michael Greenspan Study Abroad Award!

Iayonna Brown Receives the Michael Greenspan Study Abroad Award!

Iayonna Brown, a transfer sophomore at Old Dominion University (ODU) and a first-year Research Assistant in the TARDIS Lab has just received the Michael Greenspan Study Abroad Award from the Department of Psychology at Old Dominion University.

The Michael Greenspan Study Abroad Award is funded by a direct donation from Dr. Michael Greenspan the founder of Greenspan Advisory and an alumni of ODU. Greenspan Advisory utilizes business psychology principles to improve businesses around the world. The award will provide Iayonna with $4,000 to be utilized towards study abroad experience in Spring 2019 at Keele University in Keele, England!

Dr. Meca and the TARDIS lab will miss Iayonna’s tremendous contribution to our research agenda but are excited for this opportunity. Hopefully she will have time to bring some TARDIS/Doctor Who souvenirs!

Identity Among Recently Immigrated Hispanic Youth

Dr. Alan Meca’s manuscript on personal and cultural identity development among recently immigrated Hispanic youth, published in Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, is now publicly available (click here). The study sought to examine the directionality between personal (i.e., coherence and confusion) and cultural identity (i.e., ethnic and US) as well as their additive effects on psychosocial functioning in a sample of recently immigrated Hispanic adolescents. Although results indicated a bidirectional relationship between personal and cultural identity, personal identity predicted nearly every outcome! Given the direct effects of coherence and confusion on nearly every outcome, it may be beneficial for interventions to target personal identity.Building on these findings, TARDIS Research Lab is working on further exploring the relationship between personal and cultural identity development while refining current measures of cultural identity.

Student Presentations at Psychology Learning Community Conference

Rachel Davis and Richie Kublius presented their undergraduate research studies as part of ODU’s Undergraduate Psychology Learning Community Conference.

Rachel Davis’ presented a literature review as part of her honor’s thesis which will focus on the links between identity development and academic motivation among ethnic-racial minority youth. This literature review will serve as the foundation for her Honor’s Thesis in the Fall 2018 and the development of a new collaborative study with Dr. Tony Perez.

Richie Kublius presented analysis from the Drinking Identity Project, focused on exploring the links between drinking identity processes, as measured by the Drinking Identity Management Scale (Meca et al., in prep.) and hazardous alcohol use and negative drinking consequences. This study will also serve as part of Richie’s Honor’s Thesis in Spring 2019

Dr. Meca presents at 2018 Minority Male Symposium at ODU

Dr. Meca led a conversation on the Hispanic/Latino Male experience as part of the 2018 Minority Male Symposium hosted at ODU. The event was focused on encouraging leadership, self-awareness, and career development among young Black and Brown males. In addition to discussing the experienced faced by Hispanic/Latino men, Dr. Meca was part of a panel focused on career development.



Dr. Meca’s Presentation at the 2017 McKnight Annual Meeting

Dr. Meca was a speaker at the McKnight Annual Meeting hosted by the Florida Education Fund (FEF) in October 2017. Established in 1984, the FEF’s McKnight Doctoral Fellowship Program was designed to address the under-representation of African American and Hispanic faculty at colleges and universities in the state of Florida by increasing the pool of citizens qualified with Ph.D. degrees to teach at the college and university levels. As a by-product, it is expected that employment opportunities in industry will also be expanded.

Dr. Meca, a former McKnight Dissertation Fellow, was invited to give a discussion about the importance of post-doctoral positions as they relate to employment and served as a panelist on a Q&A panel for McKNight Fellows on the road to completing their doctoral degrees in psychology.