Food Review Essay

Audience Statement:     The general audience of this review of Pizza Fusion are college students, or specifically students of Old Dominion University. The restaurant is located on campus, on Monarch Way, within walking distance of Gresham and Rogers hall. It is one of many restaurants frequently visited by ODU students. The audience of this review are mainly interested in efficient service with a low price range. College students do not have a lot of money to waste on overpriced food, as evidenced by the stereotype of someone cooking ramen noodles in a college dorm. Also, they have class, homework, and numerous other responsibilities weighing down on them. As such, they are less likely to enjoy a nice, long sit-in meal. Students aren’t looking for something fancy such as lobster or caviar. They want something easy and enjoyable, pizza for example. It would also be appreciated if the food could be taken to go. Not everyone in college has time for a sit-in meal at all.

                    Giving Del Vecchios A Run For It’s Money, Or Does It?

Essay:     Pepperoni? Cheese? Sausage? Anchovies? Maybe not anchovies, but pizza is a commodity for University students, and Pizza Fusion is a pizza parlor for the students of Old Dominion University. I will be covering what makes this parlor appropriate and competitive for the students. Are the prices competitive? Is the atmosphere inviting? Is there variety in the menu? Is the location appropriate for it’s audience?

Pizza Fusion is located directly behind the Ted Constant Convocation Center, and right around the corner from Gresham and Rogers hall. There isn’t ample parking space, but the expected customers are most likely to be walking to their location. The parlor is easy to find, because it is on Monarch Way, along the strip of stores and restaurants for Monarch enjoyment, in the area of campus commonly referred to as The Village. The area is easily recognizable for Monarchs, and it is the proper place for any pizza parlor. The atmosphere of Pizza Fusion was contradictory to it’s menu items. The parlor has a sophisticated interior design.  There was a cozy fireplace, an intricate mirror, leather seat stools with golden basest that shimmered in the sunlight, dim lighting that allowed the restaurant to be mostly illuminated by sunlight from the windows, and marble tile floors. The atmosphere is refined with modern décor in the rear of the restaurant that contradicts the less refined sale of pizza and sandwiches. The front, however, has the typical look of a pizza parlor with a counter, a window to the kitchen, pizza boxes available for take-out, and dispensers for utensils. The atmosphere is practical which is unusual for a restaurant on college campus, while still serving food that is typical for college students. If anything, the restaurant could leave a lasting impact with it’s choice of fancy décor.

The service of the restaurant was quick and efficient. However, it should be known that my visit to the restaurant was between 11 o’clock and 11:30 in the morning; there were only a few other people there besides me. That might have had an impact on the speed and the effectiveness of the service. It’s possible that if I visited during a different time of day, the crowd would be bigger, and servers would be spread thin trying to serve everyone in a timely manner. But for the time being, it should be known that for the small crowd that was there and the food that my friend and I ordered, the service was excellent, and our food was served to us within five to ten minutes. The cashier was the only person that we came into contact with, and she was very polite and courteous. The service was excellent; however, the prices were a joke, especially for college students that don’t have money to throw around. I ordered an Italian chicken sandwich, and my friend ordered a pepperoni pizza. The pizza was seven dollars and the sandwich was ten dollars. Those are not competitive prices, especially on a college campus where anyone can find a burger for less than that. The sandwich and the pizza alone were overpriced, so I would not recommend this parlor to anyone trying to get good food for less money.

The overall selection of the menu is just sandwiches and pizzas. That means that for Pizza Fusion to be more desirable than the other pizza places on campus, it has to have either competitive prices or better food. I’ve already covered the uncompetitive prices. The food is unexpected. My friend’s pizza was so greasy that it was shining in the dim lighting of the restaurant. The cheese, sauce, and pepperoni were evenly spread across the slices which made the pizza very attractive looking; although the grease was messy and off-putting. The pizza cheese melted inside my mouth as I took a bite. The sandwich was also beautifully made. The bread was toasted, so it had a crunchy crust and a soft inside. Unlike the pizza, the cheese was melted, but cooled and firm. The sandwich does get a bad rating for being served cold. However, the sandwich was different; it was nothing I’ve ever tasted on ODU campus.  The marinara sauce, the melted cheese, and the bread made the sandwich appear more as a pizza in sandwich form which I found very attractive for the visual aspect of the food. The meat was cooked thoroughly, so at least I don’t have to worry about salmonella.

Pizza Fusion is a pizza parlor on ODU campus, but it’s not the best. Pizza Fusion has a sophisticated atmosphere, excellent service, perfect location, but high prices. This pizza parlor’s most attractive factor are the sandwiches that are unlike those sold at any other restaurant on Monarch Way. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for something different, but not to anyone looking to get the most out of the least money.



Reflection: If I had the chance at a redo for this essay, I would have revisited the pizzeria after my peer workshop review. It was suggested that I go back and find some new information, so I could revise my essay. I intended to go back to the pizzeria, but I forgot. So, I decided not to go at all. If I could have another chance at this essay, I would go back to the pizzeria, and experience it a second so I would have a more accurate essay. I would also have paid more attention to certain details that I missed before the peer workshop.  I paid as much attention to everything in the pizzeria as possible, but I missed important details like the exact prices. I paid more attention to the food and the decor. I should have paid attention to everything, because my audience would expecting many important details for the review.