Undergraduate students work for the tick team as RUMS researchers, interns and volunteers. These students work in the field and the lab, often gaining experience in multiple areas of data collection and experimental design. In addition, our undergraduates are actively involved in all of the tick team activities, and are invited to weekly tick lab meetings.

Current RUMS students (starting year):
Zach Bement (2017)
Michelle Bershis (2017)
Hannah Cummins (2017)
Amanda DeVleeschower (2017)
Anna Phan (2017)
Aaron Gonzales (2018)
Kelsey Jones (2018)
Rebecca Ferrara (2018)

Prior RUMS students

Armin Bahrani
Joseph Brown
David Cutherell
Ryan Hart
Amy Johnson
Nikeya Melton
Leo Notto
Dorothy Paine
Angeline Sandor
Yong Suk Ko
Caitlin Sciuti
Jessica Vincent
John Warfle