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Action & Expression

Q: Do your students struggle with test anxiety or communication skills? Do your assignments and assessments allow students to work around their anxieties or disabilities?

UDL’s multiple means of expression encourages providing multiple ways for students to demonstrate what they know and what they have learned—using more than just writing papers or multiple choice exams. Offering more options supports the different strengths students have and accommodates disabilities.

A woman with arrows drawn in coming from her head depicting many choices for assignment delivery
Allowing for text, graphical, audio, or video presentations can make assessments more accessible.


Students can demonstrate what they have learned using presentation types such as:

Presentation Type
Public SpeakingFace-to-face or online (e.g., Zoom, WebEx, Blackboard Collaborate)
Posters and HandoutsUse Canva, Emaze, Google Slides, or other tools to emphasize visuals and illustration
Videos or Digital StorytellingBuild students’ comfort creating video and audio (e.g., iPhone, YouTube, PPT, Zoom, VoiceThread, Adobe Spark)

Project-Based Learning

Guide students to apply what they have learned by making and creating meaningful projects. Students can connect learning by their own experiences using real-world scenarios, case studies, and challenges faced by our world. Students have the opportunity to research and develop their own hypotheses while collaborating and contributing with their peers.

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Students may prefer projects or assignments that use new technology.

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