SPAN 102

Exploring Culture

During this semester, I enjoyed experiencing cultural exploration via is an online platform that allowed me to engage in cultural conversations with a native speaker. My partner selection was Patricia Novoa, an Industrial Engineer from Venezuela. Through our discussions, I gained valuable insights into the culture, customs, and perspectives of people from different countries.

In addition, using, I could explore Venezuelan culture through authentic conversations with a native speaker. Our discussions allowed me to understand better the nuances of the Spanish language and the cultural context in which it is used. As a Novice Mid level language learner struggling to understand cultural references or idiomatic expressions, this was particularly helpful for me.

Partner Information
Name: Patricia Novoa
Country: Venezuela
Profession: Industrial Engineer

Engaging in Communities

Community engagement, domestic or global, can contribute to cultural intelligence and social and economic changes, to name a few. Whether for personal travels, entertainment, or volunteering, all can benefit individual communities. For instance, engaging is a valuable experience and can help the economy. Moreover, it significantly contributes to the influence of funding powers for the people within the communities.
In my personal experience, I’ve learned about other cultures through several channels but found hands-on field experience most impressionable. It allows me to be of service and meet others I may not usually become acquainted with. Understanding the internal reward I receive through volunteering in my local community is priceless.

Local Community Engagement

This vlog includes some highlights of my local community engagement through campus engagement and volunteerism, where I’ve offered free fitness classes to diverse groups of civilian and military communities over the years. In addition, support of local non-profits and political involvement.

Carla is servant leader fueled by her passion for helping others through community involvement

Global Community Engagement

As explained, was a valuable tool as I have always wanted to explore cultural insights through language learning. However, by providing authentic conversations with a native speaker connected me with someone from a different background and fostered essential skills. Although initially nervous, I gradually became more confident with each exchange. Importantly, helped me become a more effective communicator globally.

In this audio clip of global communication between my TalkABroad partner Patricia Novoa and me. We discussed various topics: work, school, family, weather, and food. The conversation duration was extended for a total of fifteen minutes. My partner Patricia help broaden my perspectives and help further develop a deeper understanding of the world.

Interpersonal Communication

This class activity focused on the discussion board topic, En el médico, which was engrossed in the healthcare system within Spain and the opportunities for medical tourism. The task was to read this article and interpersonally share our thoughts among peers about the differences between the USA and Spain’s healthcare systems. In addition, we could upload a video to answer the below video-featured questions in Spanish with our peers. Interpersonal communication activities like these allowed me to build and make connections with other students in the class. 

Below is a video of the initial post, followed by my peer responses.

Post 1: Initial Post

Presentational Speaking

Flipgrid was a valuable resource for presentational speaking and engagements. Although it was not a live presentation, this platform allowed my peers and me to practice speaking until ready to present the final production. For example, the below presentation is from Flip Conversation (M7) where I had the challenge of completing the missing parts. The finial product resulted in a completed conversation between my professor and I. I enjoyed speaking activities because it was fun and enhanced my overall confidence and Spanish-speaking proficiency.

Conversation 1 (M7)

Presentational Writing

During the semester, I participated in various types of written presentations. That ranged from discussion boards in Canvas to homework assignments via Lingro Learning. However, the below demonstration highlights a writing summary assignment from Estrategia de investigación: Searching in English or Spanish. Searching for information in Spanish was beneficial for writing and reading abilities. However, I learned through utilizing the search engine in Spanish, I gained access to more information in less time versus English.

In addition to this exercise, I explored Spain’s professions and jobs associated with gender roles in the Spanish-speaking world. This assignment reinforced that gender inequality is a global dilemma and there are more similarities than differences among gender positions between the USA and Spain.

Unidad 10-Exploración Cultural

Interpretive Listening

Interpretive listening activities are essential to Spanish language learning, particularly for me because as a Spanish 102 student I have already acquired basic vocabulary and grammar skills. For example, for this featured audio activity involved utilizing the  Screencast-o-Matic platform to listen to spoken Spanish letters and comprehending the meaning of what is being said. Followed by a verbal pronunciation of consonants and vowels in Spanish for later evaluation. This alphabet exercise contributed to overall language proficiency. It improved my listening comprehension, vocabulary, and cultural awareness.

Interpretive Reading

Before each unit in LingroLearning, I prepared for upcoming exercises with interpretive reading tasks, as highlighted below. Reading Spanish texts exposed me to various cultures, traditions, and perspectives. In addition, it enhanced my confidence, critical thinking, and ability to interpret written texts in Spanish. Furthermore, the Exploración Cultural homework assignments help broaden my understanding of the Spanish-speaking world and appreciate its diversity.

The below display from assignment Exploración 10-1 ¿Quién lo dice? demonstrates my ability to transcribe written texts in Spanish and effectively problem-solve with the gained information insights.