Journal Entry 1

The top three areas I would consider the most and appeal to me include 

  • Operate and maintain
  • Collect and operate
  • Oversee and Govern

My main career focus is to obtain a System Administrator position right out of college. I hope to pursue a master’s degree on top of this in Cyber security as well as the possibility of getting an MBA down the line. My goal is to eventually work my way through a company or find opportunities elsewhere to get a CISO position. That’s where things like Cyber operation planning, project management, and cyber leadership roles all seem really interesting. Careers I probably wouldn’t pursue out of lack of interest would be investigative and risk management positions. Under the tab of investigating and protect and defend describes jobs that are vital and cool but not interesting to me. I want to lead the charge of a group in developing and maintaining technology whereas these individuals focus on the aftermath and protection of current or older technology regarding the security field. 

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