Journal Entry 3

Looking at Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs we have 3 sections broken down into 5 tiers. Within the basic needs section, you have physiological needs and safety needs. Within the psychological needs section, you have belongingness and love needs. Finally, within the self-sufficient needs section, you have self-actualization. In relation to technology, basic needs can be identified as internet access and devices needed to utilize networks and the internet. Personally, my household contains many of these basic needs as well as ODU such as reliable internet access, computers/laptops, and cell phones so my basic needs are met there. Next, we have safety needs that relate to network security, passwords, dual-factor authentication, etc. I utilize strong and unique passwords for most if not all my devices and accounts as well as adding extra security with dual-factor authentication requiring me to push requests through a separate application to access an account. On top of this every week or so I’m required to use DUO mobile to log in through Midas to access blackboard for my schooling. Next, is belongingness and love needs which can be satisfied through dating apps and social media to interact with your friends or organizations or find relationships with strangers through dating services. I personally don’t utilize dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble but I have many friends that try to fulfill intimate relationships through this method. I do however use social media to send messages to friends and be a part of clubs and organizations at school and in the community. Next, we have esteem needs which is a way for people to boost their mental health and be proud of their accomplishments. People can do this by posting pictures on social media showing their friends and the world what they have achieved or using websites like Linkedin by explaining their achievements and certifications to boost your appeal to potential employers as well as provide a synopsis on your life’s work. I use apps such as Instagram or Snapchat to share pictures or updates of awards or things such as my high school graduation to show my accomplishments with friends and family. Lastly, we have self-actualization which through technology could be getting a job in the tech industry or developing technology for a company that could revolutionize the industry. Another example is people making hobbies from what they’ve learned such as programming something or developing basic machine learning in their free time. Many people use these projects as gateways to a career or resume boosters. Personally, I have not achieved my highest goals yet and am pursuing them by getting my bachelor’s degree and hopefully a master’s soon after. My full potential is to obtain a CISO position within a large tech company developing projects and tools for cyberspace and improving security measures.

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