Journal Entry 5


  • Picture 1: Me on my coffee break ensuring that people are doing their part to make HSI efficient for the company.
  • Picture 2: My dog mirroring the physical and living side of engineering to ensure cybersecurity is working. 
  • Picture 3: My face after managing a team to ensure we humans aren’t getting overrun by AI so we can maintain our cybersecurity. 
  • Picture 4: Me working peacefully looking out at the skyline knowing that humans’ job security isn’t completely being taken over by AI. 
  • Picture 5: Me when I cant figure out how to efficiently integrate policy and communication into the management process of HSI. 
  • Picture 6: My reaction when I get an email certifying my HSI process and building new career paths with this knowledge. 
  • Picture 7: Me scrolling through Pinterest unbothered knowing that humans still play a major role in engineering our cybersecurity systems. 
  • Picture 8: Sign in the workplace showing that people are at work using computing systems and not another computer room being run by AI. 
  • Picture 9: Me presenting to a group of individuals that people can still manage and control the efficiency of engineering processes and not change their careers because of AI.
  • Picture 10: Me taking a picture of a coworker to use for their job profile so people know there’s a human touch to the systems that are being used.

These memes apply to HSI because it shows all the human aspects of our engineering systems and the management process in how we influence the workings of cybersecurity. It focuses on the collaboration of AI and people to make the most efficient systems for job growth, success money, etc.

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