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Hello my name is Darryl Bannerman Im from Fairfax VIrginia and my ethncity is Ghanaian and im the 2nd born out of 4 kids. I atend Old Dominion Unviersity and my major is cyber security. The reason i got into this major is because my Older brother is a software engineer and told me the Tech field is where the money is and my dad is also working on becoming something in Tech they are both my inspiration and my motivation to get a degree wiith this major.

Article Reviews

Article 1 Understanding the use of artificial intelligence in cyber crime

When you understand the use of artificial intelligence in cyber crime it can help by seeing how
cyber criminals can exploits ai and attack things. When you understand it can help develops
strategies to mitigate the risk and protect ai attacks and cyber threats and it also uses the social
science principles because understanding human behavior cyber security professionals can help
prevent Ai driven attacks. The study for the search question or hypothesis is they are trying to
find out why people do what they do in cyber crime and what is their motive and what grabs their
attention the most when there trying to attack a system. The type of research methods that were
used was gathering participants and interviewing them about why people would attack and what
makes them attack and who would be most likely to attack and also read a paper about why
humans attack and is it based of personality traits. The power points we have learned in class
relates to this article a lot because in class we talk about the social sciences and the principles and
this article demonstrates about how the principles of social science are used and how and why
people attack systems or do crimes. The data analyst that was used in this experiment was
gathering people to participant in an interview to get their opinion or their point of view why
people do certain crimes and what most likely motivates them to do these crimes and why they
ignore the big risk their taking that could lead them to imprisonment. by being aware of how
cybercrime uses artificial intelligence By examining this point, it is possible to create strategies
that shield these groups from cyberthreats, guarantee that their opinions are heard when
developing cybersecurity measures, and address the issues, worries, and contributions of
marginalized groups. The studying the use of artificial intelligence in cyber crime has a
significant contribution to society because it helps people understand threats and how to protect
themselves from cyber attacks and learn secure measures and with this we can create a safer
internet environment for everybody and with the research of this it can benefit everybody. In
conclusion understand the use of artificial intelligence in cyber crime can benefit everybody in
multiple ways and help people be secure while being on the internet.

Article 2

Cyberbullying during the pandemic was problematic and has a connection to scientific principles because, according to social science cybersecurity, cyberbullying is a result of human factors that contribute to cyberthreats and vulnerabilities. Cyberbullying also has a psychological impact on individuals and can cause social isolation, which is especially dangerous for college students and other university staff. And in the article that i read they did research and test to figure out responses if people are getting cyber bullied and the research method they used was gathering people and them doing a survey and giving their response and the study was also limited to the university and enrolled college students from freshman to graduate students and they had to be 18 years or older. Also they took surveys on if they where bullied during the time of the pandemic and if they just felt isolated and the amount of times they where on social media. And the research questions they where asking was if people where getting cyber bullied more and how it increased because of the pandemic and how if they felt that being on social media a lot more also played a role in cyberbullying.The data analysis that was done in this was getting participants and having them take the surveys on the topic and helping them collect data. The power points in class relate to this article in many ways because when we discuss about being safe on the internet it also means being safe from bullying we have went over cyber bullying in class in previous modules and power points and i feel like this article helps me understand more about cyberbullying and how it increased during a certain time period. This article pertains to the difficulties and worries that marginalized groups confront since, in addition to social exclusion and discrimination, cyberbullying can increase these problems for them. It can also further isolate them and create negative stereotypes about them. This article makes numerous contributions to the study of society. It clarifies the detrimental effects of cyberbullying on individuals, and by doing so, regulations and educational initiatives that support everyone’s right to a safer online environment can be developed. In conclusion this article shed a light on cyberbullying very well, also by studying and understanding cyberbullying we can help limit it and make the environment safer for everyone and promote respect and peace and make a positivie difference in our online community.

My Career Paper
The career that I’m looking into getting into in cybersecurity is becoming a
security analyst. The role of a security analyst is to make sure that organizations are
safe from cyber attacks and cyber threats also security analyst requires an advanced
skill set to become one. Security analysts have to have a great understanding of
cybersecurity from the techniques, tools, and technology. With this, they can help
identify vulnerabilities in the security that they can attend to before something goes
wrong and make sure the security is effective. Critical thinking is also a factor when it
comes to being a cybersecurity analyst because you need to make sure you know how
to work in bad situations and know how to detect incoming attacks and know how to see
patterns so you can stop the attacks before they occur. Communication skills are also
very important in cybersecurity which i think is important for every job because you need
to be able to communicate with others so you all can work together to stop anything bad
from happening and with communication leads to great teamwork and teamwork is what
helps keep a company in tact. Also, a key skill is problem-solving in the cybersecurity
world and as a worker for cybersecurity you need to know how to solve security issues
fast and effectively and You are most likely to be under pressure but you’re going to
have to face it and get the job done. And with this career, you also have to know how to
adapt to the latest technology and security things going on because they’re constantly
updating and things and new things are going to come out and you need to stay up to
date so you don’t fall behind and know how to maneuver your way when your defending
attacks. Security analysis also depends on the research and principles of social

science. Like human behaviors play a big role because as an analyst you have to
understand human behavior and why they do certain things and with that you can base
how you’re going to take action towards your security and the people doing unlawful
things. And the social principles help us understand the factors and the influence that
lead to cybercrime. Ethical considerations of the social science principles also help
guide security analysts in making good decisions and help them with data protection.
The materials we learn in class also correlate to the things the professionals do on a
daily routine because we focus on the social principles and the research of social
science and focus on cyber security and how we can be safe online and how we can
prevent getting hacked or attacks coming our way with doing security measures and
making sure we have strong passwords and not clicking bad links and just being careful
online. Security analysts act as a middleman between businesses and investors,
offering insightful information that shapes market dynamics and investment decisions.
Their work also impacts margin sales groups and society at large by influencing
economic outcomes. improving market efficiency and safeguarding investors
encouraging corporate governance and advancing the goals of social responsibility. IN
Conclusion, the position of a security analyst requires a wide range of abilities, including
critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and technical expertise. Nonetheless,
social science research and ideas must be integrated in order to address the
human-centric aspects of cybersecurity and guarantee comprehensive security plans.
Security analysts can enhance their comprehension of human behavior, efficiently
reduce risks, and cultivate a security-conscious culture in enterprises by utilizing social
science insights. Staying ahead of attackers and protecting data will require a

combination of technological expertise and social science knowledge as cyber dangers
continue to grow.

Journal entry 1 – I would pursue a career as a threat analyst because of the tasks they perform, such as processing data, dealing with cyber threats, and evaluating. Threat analysis also helps identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in computer systems. They also identify potential threats like malware, hacking attempts, and data breaches. This helps keep the cyber world safe from hackers, which is why it appealed to me the most. The amount of money they make is over six figures, which is great for a high-skill requirement job. and the area I would dislike the most is that you always have to be on top of things like making sure your predict events before they happen because one mistake can mess up everything but nobody is perfect so we can prevent all threats.

Journal entry 2 – Cybersecurity principles are closely related to science and can be applied in a variety of ways, just as science does. Cybersecurity relies on observation skills, experimentation, and analysis to understand and solve risks. Applying scientific principles allows cybersecurity experts to better comprehend the ever-changing threat landscape and develop robust policies to secure systems and data. It’s like making sure you’re constantly one step ahead and can’t go behind. Like in science cybersecurity also has observation so they can detect potential threats or weird behavior. And like in science cybersecurity professional are always learning so they can stay up to date with new threats and things to help stop the threats.

Journal entry 3- They can use the information to help them in the future to prevent any attacks and to stop it from happening all comes down to layers of security to prevent data leaks. Make strong passwords at first, and change them frequently. When it is feasible, use multi-factor authentication; it is revolutionary. Update your software frequently to avoid security risks. Emails and links should be used with caution as phishing scams are a popular means of access for hackers. Make sure you regularly backup your data so you won’t have to start over in the event of an emergency. Teach the best practices for security to your staff. Finally, think about encrypting important data; it’s like placing your information in a lockbox.

journal 5- I rate each and every one a 7 because they all were interesting to me besides the one about revenge because it got a little weird and was awkward I just didn’t like the topic so I would rate that a 2 because I wouldn’t want to know about that or even think that people are out here doing crimes by exposing people like that. And also the one about boredom also caught me off guard because it was talking about sexual grooming of children which I find disgusting and weird so I would rate that a 4 because people do have to know about it so we can prevent it from happening in the future.

journal is a fake website from the real ABC News but it can trick people because it has the same logo and a similar name to the original ABC News and the site had published fake stories about Donald Trump. this is a fake website and spotted being fake when it was spreading false rumors about first lady Michelle Obama unfollowing former President Clinton on twitter. is another fake website that was caught spreading fake news about Trump winning the popular vote by 700,000 when he didn’t and was also spreading rumors about Hillary Clinton being scared and was saying she wasn’t fit to be the president of the United States.

journal 7 –


journal 8- The media can easily influence people of wrong perceptions of cybersecurity or real perceptions by helping the people understand the risk of doing bad things online like hacking and also it can help influence people who want to stop bad people from stealing information to join them and can also raise awareness for cyber threats and help people understand the people that try to do it and the reasoning behind it so they can be protected 

journal 9- I scored 3/9 and I felt like the items on the scale was very great asked questions. and different patterns are found across the world because there are multiple ways to ask these type of questions .

journal 12- the economic theories are Market failure theory, which contends that a variety of flaws may prevent markets from allocating resources effectively, can be used to examine this data breach notification. In this instance, the hack shows that the market was unable to offer sufficient cybersecurity protections. Businesses could underinvest in security measures until a breach happens if they fail to fully internalize the costs of data breaches. In order to prevent more breaches, businesses should reevaluate their cybersecurity investments in light of this notification, which serves as proof of market failure.
Game Theory: In competitive contexts, game theory helps with strategic decision-making. Businesses and hackers play a never-ending “game” in which they attempt to outwit one another when it comes to data breaches. The social science theories are Social Exchange Theory: Based on the ideas of reciprocity and mutual benefit, social exchange theory investigates the dynamics of social connections. As part of the social exchange with the impacted parties, the corporation gives help resources and recognizes its breach in the context of the data breach notification. The organization seeks to uphold goodwill and confidence with its clients by offering aid such credit monitoring services and channels of support, cultivating a constructive relationship in spite of the breach.
Conflict Theory: Conflict theory looks at how inequality and power dynamics affect institutions and social interactions. When there is a data breach, there is a conflict between the impacted individuals—who could feel like they have less control and privacy—and the company, which is in charge of the individuals’ personal information. in conclusion These theories from the social and economic sciences offer analytical frameworks for comprehending the nuances of data breaches and the reactions of the impacted parties, including businesses and individuals.

Journal 13-The use of the policies that I’ve seen by reading this article is that it plays a very important role in helping establish rules and regulations for the systems and to help the data from cyber threats and attacks. And how they enforce this is by making sure the responsibilities and procedures are taking care of and making sure everything is secured. They also create a strong foundation and also can address security issues before they can be attacked by hackers and sure that everybody and everything is secured on the internet.

Journal 14 – Andriy Slynchuk lists a number of potentially unlawful activities that Internet users might partake in, emphasizing how grave these activities are in relation to the law. Five of them stand out as being very important because of the potential for harm and legal ramifications. First of all, breaking into computer systems or networks without authorization is a serious crime since it compromises the security and integrity of digital infrastructure, which may result in data breaches or the interruption of vital services. Second, distributing content protected by copyright without authorization affects companies that depend on creative works by violating intellectual property rights and depriving producers of their just pay. Third, committing online fraud, like phishing or identity theft, can cause victims to lose money and undermine confidence in online transactions, posing a threat toserious risks to consumer confidence and economic stability. Fourth, because internet platforms allow abusers to operate anonymously and across geographic boundaries, cyberstalking and harassment pose major risks to people’s safety and wellbeing. Last but not least, engaging in hate speech online or inciting violence can have serious repercussions for society, upholding prejudice, dividing people, and even igniting physical violence, endangering democratic principles and social cohesiveness. These transgressions are serious because they violate established legal and ethical norms and have the potential to harm people, businesses, and society as a whole.