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Blog 10

My prior course expectations were that I will pass. I would also hope to learn more about why people interact the way they do. I’m hoping to gain more knowledge and understanding of social psychology since I have huge interest in this category of psychology. I believe all my expectations were met. I believe I’ve achieved the course objective fairly… Read more →

Assignment 4 Takeaways

What I learned from assignment 4 is the different types of love and their meanings. I also learned my scores in each of these categories. Something that I have learned in a past class that correlates to this assignment is from my highschool class where we had an assignment where we had to research love types.This Assignment was relevant to… Read more →

Blog 7

The relationship between Self-Regulation and Emotional Intelligence go hand and hand. If you don’t have self regulation you won’t be able to achieve Emotional Intelligence. What emotional intelligence means to me is having control over your emotions and not allowing them to dictate how you react. I can improve my EQ by not allowing my emotions to guide the way… Read more →

About Me

Hi my name is Tatiana Burley I currently attend Old Dominion University. I am a junior majoring in business management. My current academic goal is to pass all my classes. My current career goal is to open and run my own restaurant. The reason I am taking this course is because I am interested in psychology and also I need… Read more →