Our project strives to develop a HIP culture at Old Dominion University through a centralized Center for HIPs and coordination with HIP partners. In order to do so, we believe we must  1) Increase awareness of and support for HIPs to three audiences (faculty, students/parents, administrators), 2) Increase participation in HIPs (faculty and students).

ODU sent a team of six individuals to participate in AAC&U’s 2018 Institute on High-Impact Practices and Student Success, which took place over four days. During this Institute, team members attended workshops connected to their areas of expertise, in order to better inform their strategies for creating a HIP culture at ODU. This project portfolio shares material related to the team’s work, from the initial project proposal to the current draft of the plan and proposed timeline. The team will continue to update the portfolio as the project advances over the coming year, allowing us to reflect on the project while it is in action, after the initial project pieces are complete, and as a group, just as our faculty liaison, David Hubert, suggested.