Cybersecurity Disciplines

Cybersecurity is related to several different disciplines within ODU’s degree programs. The psychology degree program relates to the people who are creating cybersecurity events. It is important to learn how cyber criminals think and what motivates them to prey on their victims. Knowing their motivations will give insight to who they will attack next and allow organizations to have some foresight into how to better protect their information and their entity.  Another program, that relates to cybersecurity, is the criminology degree. This degree directly correlates with the term cybersecurity as cyber criminals are exactly who companies or people are trying to protect themselves from. Criminology would hopefully help to deter these criminals from continuing to participate in these behaviors due to the consequences and how they will be impacted. In cybersecurity, leaders are needed daily. Because of this, the Leadership degree is one of the most important disciplinary integrations. Cybersecurity is made up of many different areas of which must be managed. For each facet of security, it is important that there is somebody able to lead the pack to the best outcomes. If there is a leader of red team and the blue team, there is a higher chance of success and recovery when an issue arises on the cybersecurity front. The integration of these skills assists cybersecurity professionals to complete their jobs at a higher level. The fourth ODU degree program is information systems. Information systems relates to the knowledge that a cybersecurity major would need to know in order to successfully complete courses in networking. Additionally, they would need know the front and back end of networks and computer systems to assist in combating attacks and taking preventive measures. While there are other disciplines which could be integrated into Cybersecurity I believe these are the most important degrees that ODU offers.