Courses Taught

EET 360 – Electrical Power and Machinery

DescriptionA study of synchronous and asynchronous AC machinery, DC machinery, power distribution systems, and instrumentation. Prerequisite: EET 200 or EET 350.Credits: 3

EET 365W – Electrical Power and Machinery Laboratory

DescriptionA laboratory course dealing with electrical power and machinery as covered in EET 360. Formal written reports will be required. This is a writing intensive course. Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in ENGL 211C or ENGL 221C or ENGL 231C; EET 205 or EET 355. Pre- or corequisite: EET 360.Credits: 3

EET 405 – Introduction to Local Area Networks

DescriptionDesign, installation, and management of PC based local area networks. Topics include network topology (Ethernet, token ring, FDDI, etc.), network interface card installation and configuration, client/server hardware, LAN/WAN concepts, bridges and routers, and software controls. Prerequisites: EET 320 and EET 325.Credits: 3