Introduction and Instructions

Resilient businesses can withstand and adapt to change. Planning, preparation, and collaboration play a key role in responding to natural or other challenges.  As you complete this self-assessment, consider your business’ level of preparedness for both small and large-scale events.

This self-assessment is a simple and inexpensive method for businesses and organizations in the tourism sector to assess their ability to maintain operations during and after extreme weather events or natural disasters.

Upon completion, you will have a greater understanding of your current resilience and then be guided to resources to help increase your ability to maintain operations or bounce back after a stress on your business.

This quiz-style assessment is designed to provide an initial indicator of your ability to maintain operations during and after experiencing a natural hazard or extreme weather event.  Suggestions for improving your organization’s resilience are available in each section.


This self-assessment is organized into six categories:

  1. Vulnerability,
  2. Business planning,
  3. Disaster preparedness and planning,
  4. Continuity of operations planning,
  5. Communication, and
  6. Resources and assistance.

Each category has its own tab accessible in the menu above or at the bottom of each “quiz”. We suggest beginning with the Vulnerability section and then working through the remaining sections in the order they are presented.

For each section, you will first answer a series of questions to assess your organization’s level of resilience. To begin click on the ‘Start quiz’ button. Once you have answered the questions, click on the ‘Finish quiz’ button. On the next page you can access a list of suggested next steps and resources.  You can also revisit your assessment by clicking on the ‘View questions’ button.

Once you have completed all six sections, think about what the self-assessment, as a whole, says about your organization’s resilience.  Afterwards, identify elements that you may want to work on over the next year.  These elements can serve as a starting point for you to continue to improve your organization’s resilience.

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If you would rather take the assessment as a fillable PDF or print it for later you can do so here: download PDF

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Acknowledgement:  This self-assessment is part of the ‘Tourism Business Resilience’ project funded by the Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency.  More information about the project is available here: